Mid Semester Break

Thank goodness it is break time, for like Melissa blog I too am feeling time pressured and will be using the break to catch up and prepare for prac.  There always seems to be more to do than I have time for what with working and doing uni online, and the youngest grandson ends up in hospital and I am left with the three year old to look after, as well as doing the visiting thing.  SO to catch up write some lesson plans that match the unit outline differentiate those plans for the couple of students that require it within the class that I have been given and hope that the mentor likes the plans.  The following site help me with understanding the needs of the students that I will be dealing with it is filled with some alternate methods for dealing with the problems.


The introvert learner

Sandra’s blog on catering to students diverse needs encouraged me to think about how different children learn and how many students react differently to the same environment.  The student who is very much the introvert will not react the same as an extrovert in the same situation.  In the article by Kate May on teaching the introvert Kate talks about not just catering to those needs within the classroom but also within the playground.  Do we need to look at the canteen area with all the chaos that happens in a small area?  What about the way many classrooms are set up with desk set u;p in pods , does this cater for the introvert or could this in its own way force a child to be a more introvert person?  Another are this article looks at is participation in class often these students do not feel confident to be answering questions out loud, so we need to look at alternate methods to verify that these students are participating I learning.

Resources for Science Teachers

I see that Mrs Mcinty is doing a unit for Year One Science, maybe she is not the only one focusing on Science.  As I am also focusing on a Science unit for my professional experience and I am long for any new resources I can find to give me new ideas to use.  I have found a site supported by the Australian Scince Teachers Association which has amazing resources, the website is dedicated to providing

  • up-to-date information on high-quality teaching and learning resources;
  • support for teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Science;
  • consistent and authoritative advice on all aspects of school laboratory safety, management and design;
  • support for school laboratory technicians and teachers in the delivery of stimulating and practical science activities

Please visit this site for more information

In a bind over Laptops

As the school that I am going to for prac allows student teachers to bring their own devices and have them connected to their network, I decided to do a little bit of research as to how many schools do this.  Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals president Frank Sal said it wouldn’t be feasible for schools to continue providing computers for all students when the funding dried up. ”This is one of the things I raise all the time – what the hell is going to happen in the future? How are we going to provide IT in schools? Bring Your Own Device is a possible way of the future but I don’t know enough about it.”IT manager George Mattar of Hampton Park Secondary College said some parents had expressed frustration students could not use their own computers. ”These days a lot of students hainve devices that could be classified as more powerful than the school devices.”  Please read more in this article.


I thought that I would warn all parents and families out there after a horrendous two weeks.  My thirteen month old grandson swallowed a lithium battery that became lodged in his throat.  After an x-ray the doctors thought it was coin, operated and found that it was a battery and that the acid from the battery had started leaking and had burnt his throat.  SO the little fellow is in hospital with his mum in attendance, his three year old brother staying with me and his dad trying to keep working and visiting the hospital all the time.  Another operation is on the cards to see how far the acid had travelled through his system, so a bit of a way to go yet.  There have been a quite a few incidents of this nature, Kidsafe Queensland says an estimated four children a week are rushed to emergency departments across Australia each week after swallowing the batteries.  For further information on this danger Kidsafe has published a fact sheet on the dangers involved

Learning about my Classes

I am so fortunate with my mentor she is amazing, gave me a full run down on the classes that I will be taking with any areas of student management that I really need to focus on with these students.  I have also received a unit plan for each of the classes I will be teaching and we discussed how ICTs could be incorporated into the students learning.  The Year 9 math class is studying Statistics and Probability and it has been agreed that the students will be using Excel to prepare histograms and frequency plots and learn how to insert formulas into a spreadsheet to analysis data, this will be an exciting task to undertake.  Like Stacey’s mentor my is extremely supportive and has requested that if I have any questions not to hesitate to contact her.

I am off to do some research on the ICTs that I can incorporate into my science classes.

Prac Placement

Found out where I am going for placement and was quite excited it is so different from my other placements, previously I have had placements in the state system, this time it is an independent school.  Like in Sara blog I am thrilled the school allows you to bring your own device and they will connect that device to their network so no problems like in the past accessing the schools resources, can just plug in and use the data projector and such it will make planning a lot easier.  All the students have a laptop which will allow greater access to the use of ICTs in the classroom.  The school runs a six period day with staff meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 3.15 till 4.30pm